Hi folks, here I leave this brief reflection on how star travels will be.

Due to the effect of time dilation, which is mentioned in the section HOW IS THE TIME TRAVEL? if a traveller reached a speed close to that of light he could reach in a few months or years to his destination star. However, when he returned to Earth he would note that here hundreds, thousands or millions of years had passed.

For the traveller it would be better not to note this dramatic passing of time between his departure and arrival.

This problem would be solved if travel to the past were possible. For example let’s suppose that a traveller departs in 2030, at a speed close to that of light, towards a star 20 light years from Earth. If the one-way trip last six months, he stayed one year exploring the star system and the return trip took another six months, in total it would pass two years between his departure and his arrival.

While on Earth it would have passed more than 41 years when the traveller returned, that is, on Earth would be the year 2071.

If the traveller went back in time he could return to Earth from 2071 to 2032, that is, just two years after his departure. In this case the duration of the trip would be the same for both the traveller and people on Earth.

To travel to the past the traveller must reach the speed of light, as noted in the section WHAT IS TIME? and this speed can be achieved as shown in the section  IS IT POSSIBLE TO TRAVEL AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT?

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