Dear friends, welcome to this area. It intends to be the meeting point of all the ones that feel fascination for time travel.

The purpose of this blog is mainly participative. The main idea is to be built with the contribution of all the people interested, namely with their opinion, discussing exposed ideas or bringing new ones. The starting point is an original proposal for Time Travel; we will discuss and move forward from there. The final objective is to turn the Time Travel dream into real.

This blog is addressed to all public. Therefore, the dissemination is essential part of it. Related to this, we intend to remove the idea that science is too abstract and complex to be easily understood; on the contrary, it can be told in a way that everybody could understand it.

With this end, we have worked on the section, what is time? where we intend to give a simple answer to this elusive question. So, it is explained in plain words, the intuitive idea based on the daily experience we all have about Space and Time. At the same time, we expose the essence of the technical rationale used subsequently.

The part dedicated to the Physics of Time Travel is more technical and addressed to the public specialist in the General Relativity. There we expose, from an original point of view, how Time Travel would be possible; in particular, to the past, without resorting to complex models.

Once demonstrated the theoretical possibility of travel back in time, in the section Time Paradoxes, address to all public, we will discuss the more common paradoxes that travelling to the past raises.

The Technical Comments part intends to serve all specialists willing to comment or discuss the exposed ideas, the results, the hypothesis, the deductive method, or any other aspect.

The Related Articles part intends collecting all the contributions the specialists in the topic were willing to share with us.

In this two last sections, you will be able to upload text files to ease the communication.

Sidebar shows ADDITIONAL CONTENTS that explain some important aspects addressed in other sections.

Thanks a lot for your interest and participation; I hope you find it interesting.

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