The truth is that I am lost for words for this section. Possibly the origin of what you are reading is in that sense of helplessness you feel when we lose a loved one. In my case it was my father. During his illness, all I could do was to stand by him. Later I learned that there was another possibility: that is explained in this blog. This was the main motivation.

The only thing that comes to mind to say is that I’m not a person with a great resumé or great scientific knowledge. I finished my studies in Physics at the University of Granada but have not followed a career in it.

What I can say is that I am a person with thirst of knowledge, grateful, quite curious, inquisitive and persevering and I have devoted much time to answer the questions that I present in the Blog.

I also consider myself a self-taught person. In fact not much bibliography appears in the article because I have always tried to follow my own path and not being too influenced by other preconceptions or prejudices. This is whyI consider that “THE PHYSICS OF TIME TRAVEL” separates from the mainstream lines of thinking. I am aware that this can generate rejection in the specialized public and, in the best of cases, open a discussion. For this reason I think this blog is the most appropriate way of dissemination.

In addition, I have the profound conviction that all knowledge should be the heritage of humankind. That is why I share with you all, and hope that someday it truly proves to be useful.

Thank you very much for your attention and participation

Javier Sánchez Sánchez