Hello friends here I propose another interesting question to think about.

The principle of equivalence, which Einstein used to build the Theory of General Relativity, establishes the equality between gravity and inertia.

As it is known, the Gravity field equations are generally covariant, and therefore invariant under any coordinate transformation. Any attempt to construct a theory of gravitation involving only Lorentz invariance is unfeasible.

Because of the aforementioned equality between gravity and inertia, it seems plausible that the equations of mechanics are also generally covariant. If this were not so, it could cause inconsistencies, as a theory of gravity only invariant under Lorentz transformations.

Therefore, to properly study motion, it is not enough considering special relativity, which is only Lorentz invariant, and we must resort to general relativity with general covariance as is done in the section “ THE PHYSICS OF TIME TRAVEL“.

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